The Worship Conference 2023 is SOLD OUT!

June 1-3 / Arad, Romania



Why are we losing them?
How to win them over?

These are the questions we will answer during this year’s Vertical “Youth & Kids” Conference, a conference specifically addressed to pastors, ministry workers and parents interested in the future of Christ’s Church.

Join us as we prepare, learn, and win this young generation for His Kingdom!

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Young adults

Hundreds of young Christian people leave the church as they transition to adulthood.

Uncertainty about the future, struggles, doubt, unanswered questions determine young people to search for answers and solutions in superficial places. But how do we relate to the young adults in our churches and how do we convince them that God’s love is enough? Workshops specifically aimed at young adults will help you draw closer to this generation.

/high school students

A diverse generation, passionate about technology and aesthetics

Perhaps the most creative and informed, Gen Z is the first generation that grew up in a fully digital world, always connected to the Internet. Although they are very adaptable and even concerned with the problems in society, these young people have huge deficiencies in socializing and relating to the real world. Because of this, they desperately seek vertical people as role models who are able and willing to bring the Word of God into their lives in an authentic, loving, and truthful way. This is why we are offering workshops devoted to teenagers. 


Pre-teens are dynamic and unpredictable. This is the age when they start to ask themselves questions, to define their identity and to be attracted to new things like substances, sex, alcohol. Many times, parents as well as pastors cannot keep up with all these changes and find themselves in a dead-end when it comes to addressing and serving them specifically. As a result they get lost subtly and way too easily. Cleary, we need to understand their mindset, their needs, as well as the destructive tendencies of this generation. These workshops will present different ways to come close and relate to pre-teens, as well as many tested solutions and ideas that will help you shape this generation.

Have you ever wondered what your child is dealing with? Have you had difficulty being creative and explaining who God is? Their fears and needs are real and present, and for this we must look deeper into their hearts and lives. These seemingly innocent schoolchildren are the young people of tomorrow, and without active involvement, mentoring, and direct exposure to the Word of God, they will get lost and never integrate the church’ youth ministry. In these workshops aimed at children grades 1-5, we will learn to speak their language and so win them for the Kingdom.

Sign up for the conference and let God help you understand this generation of children and youth, so we can win it for His Kingdom

The registration period has ended.